Newborn Family Phots with Domus Aurea

I have to admit something. When I was a new mom to Eleanor I didn’t exactly understand investing in newborn photos. Being a photographer myself, I thought it was silly to pay someone to take the photos and stubbornly decided to take them myself. BIG MISTAKE. I regret this. Looking back the photos are okay but they are nothing to the special keepsake photos Renee shot of Eloise and Beatrice. Eleanor got a few photos of the three of us (Me, Brice, and Eleanor) while the camera was balancing on books and her changing table. Fast forward to me learning the hard way why you need a professional, Eloise and Beatrice have magazine worthy photos.

Also, not all newborn photographers are created equal. It takes a patient saint of a human to take newborn photos. What you don’t see in 90% of these photos: Eleanor melting down, Beatrice screaming, and Eloise refusing to take a photo. Guess who smiled through it all, Renee. I am always in awe of her kindness and calmness. Through the screams all I could hear was, “Do not worry. Take your time. Your daughters are perfect. Do you need to feed Beatrice? I can wait.” Is that not what every mom needs to hear in the midst of a meltdown? Also, can we talk about her talents as a photographer? Her photos are incredible. They capture the love and rawness of a family with a new baby. I never get tired of seeing her work.

I am so happy I wised up and worked with Renee. To have photos this beautiful of my family, that I can cherish for the rest of our lives is truly priceless. I also need to say that we worked with her sister, Nicole Proft, on the most beautiful keepsake film of our shoot. It brings both a smile and a tear every time I watch it. A smile, because I am so overwhelmed with the family I have been blessed with and a tear, because I know these moments are fleeting so to have something so special captured in such a beautiful way is very touching. When you book Renee tell her you want to add on the film. Trust me. JUST TRUST ME, you will not regret it.

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Petite Keep Trunks

I recently received a bag full of items my parents had saved from my childhood. It was so sweet that they saved all of this, but there was a lot. I love that Petite Keep trunks are not only classic and stunning but also a way to beautifully store only the most precious baby items.  As someone who is extremely nostalgic, these are right up my ally. I have already started filling up Eleanor’s with her silver spoon and toothbrush, her outfit she wore home from the hospital, and her baby book. We have had so much fun going through the trunk every night and I love getting to explain what each piece is.

Each trunk comes in a small (petite) or large (grand) size. You can also choose between white, blue, or pink for the outside, 9 different fabrics for the inside, as well as the trim. Lastly, you can choose the script and style of the monogram. These pieces are truly customizable which makes them even more special.

If your family needs one of these beautiful Petite Keeps trunks, you can use code MARY10 for 10% off your order.

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