2.12.21 Q & A

Wearing Sue Sartor Limited Edition Paloma dress (proceeds from this dress go toward the Ronald McDonald House)

Q: Was this baby planned?

A:  HELL.NO. I had a five month old when I found out, so I only just started feeling like life was getting back to normal. Truth is, none of my babies were planned. I know that sounds like a joke, but it is 100% true. The only pregnancy I was semi ready for we ended up losing in a miscarriage. Like my other babies, this one was a total shock, but I know it is the biggest blessing.

Q: Are you sharing gender/Do you have a feeling of what it will be?
A: I will. I find out soon and will probably live in the moment for a few days and then share. I believe it is a girl. I have felt like this the entire time. Also, three sisters is so special, so we shall see.

Q: How far apart will your kids be?
A: Eleanor will be 3 years older and Eloise will be 14 months older.

Q: Bathing suits for large chest?
A: My Favorites will always be from Karla Colletto. I also want to try Shoshanna as that brand is good for curvy girls.

Q: Favorite tablescape decor?
A: If I could recommend one thing to buy first it would be a beautiful tablecloth or these $15 rattan chargers. Each one will elevate even the most simple plate.

Q: Everyday jewelry essentials?
A: I am the worst person to ask because I keep my jewelry very simple. The pieces I never take off include my husbands family crest pinky ring (one of my most special pieces), a gold wedding band, two tennis bracelets given to me by my in-laws representing each granddaughter, and my new Couplet Les Perles bracelet.

Q: Any home buying advice?
A: I don’t know where you live but my one advice is to not sit on a house you love. In Dallas homes move really fast and there is nothing worse than losing out on the home you had your heart set on. However, I 10000% BELIEVE everything works out the way it is supposed to. Also, trust your gut and hire a good realtor (we worked with Raul Ruiz and loved him).

Q: Anything you will do differently for your 3rd pregnancy/3rd kid?
A: This is super hard to say but I am sure I will. Each kid has been so different. With Eleanor I was beyond strict with a schedule, sleep training, etc. With Eloise I was looser. I still stuck to a schedule but I was more relaxed. However, she is by no means as good of a sleeper as Eleanor so maybe I go back to be strict? Or maybe I am even more lenient. I know this is our last baby so I have a very strong feeling I will relish each stage even more. But being the third baby in my family, I know I had a different experience than my siblings, so I am pretty positive this baby will too. Third babies are the best!

Q: Did you like Olaplex?
A: The shampoo #4 and Conditioner #4  are very nourishing. I like the way my hair feels if I use it and then style my hair. It looks so healthy and full however, I don’t think the wash lasts as long (I think my hair gets oilier faster). A lot of you recommended the Olaplex #3 treatment. I do really like that when I remember to use it. I hate that it has to sit in your hair for 10 min+. I want to shower and get out. I don’t linger so that is the only turn-off.

Q: Favorite Dallas restaurant for a night out with friends?
A: I am always partial to Drake’s, Shinsei, or Hudson House


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