Best Bags for Travel

A good travel bag is essential for an easy and non-complicated trip. It can be overwhelming to choose just one out of a sea of thousands of different options. That is why I decided to compile a list of some of my favorite bags, in all sizes and prices.  I actually have six of these nine bags and can’t rave about them enough! Over the years they have made my trips so much more enjoyable and my airport outfits much chicer. I love the Longchamp Boxford bag (in black)  for weekend trips and the Barrington Tote ‘Saint Anne’ tote for quick weekend trips.


  1. August,CA – The Marais in Blue Hydrangea

  2. LL Bean ‘Boat and Tote’ Bag

  3. Sole Society ‘Cassidy’ Bag

  4. Barrington Tote ‘Saint Anne’ Bag

  5. Cuyana ‘Oversized Carryall’ Tote

  6. Barrington Tote ‘The Belmont Cabin’ Bag

  7.  Longchamp ‘Boxford’ Bag

  8. Goyard ‘St Louis’ Tote
  9. Longchamp ‘Large Le Pliage’ Tote

Wynwood, Miami Outfit

At first I was unsure if I wanted to visit Wynwood during my last trip to Miami. For those of you who don’t know what Wynwood is, it is an area in Miami with loads of street art painted on buildings, fences, and sidewalks. Sounds pretty cool, huh? But to be honest, I am very weird about going to places that are “heavily trafficked and over Instagrammed.” And let me tell you, if you think South Beach has its fair share of photos, search #Wynwood on Insta. BAM! The saddest part is, people only Instagram this one particular rainbow wall. So for me, the only image I had of Wynwood was this one particular rainbow wall (which isn’t my favorite to begin with) and nothing else.

However, after chatting with a friend who told me there were a lot more options than that “one famous wall” I was sold on checking it out. And I am happy I did! Wynwood isn’t just that “one wall” it is tons of walls with incredible art, shops, and restaurants. Most people stop at the front, you know, after getting a photograph of the “famous one” but I recommend going deeper into Wynwood and really exploring the side streets. The art is amazing and you will get much cooler and more unique photos!

Wynwood MIami Wynwood MIami Wynwood MIami Wynwood MIami Wynwood MIami Wynwood MIami

outfit details // ASOS Denim dress, Superga Platform sneaker, Shinola ‘The Runwell’ watch

The Look – Black and White

so then they say-2

Today is a day I can’t be bothered to think about what to wear. It is a full day of photoshoots and errands…and lots of rain! And on top of that it is Monday. And let me tell you, my brain feels it. The travels of the past few weeks have caught up and my brain feels like it can’t (and won’t) work for me today. Since I am having a meltdown Monday, the outfit is simple.

These ASOS sneakers have been on my feet the past few weeks! I bought them after realizing how terribly over-worn my Adidas had become. I had been wanting a pair of all white sneakers for a long time and jumped at the $33 price tag of these! White sneakers are the next Adidas Superstar, so do yourself a favor and grab a pair before summer comes along and all the good pairs are gone!


//  white sneakers  //

ASOS $33,   Adidas $70,   Superga (low profile) $80,   Converse $70,   Nike $95,    Nike Air Max $95,    Vince $195,    Keds $40,    Superga (high profile) $80,    Topshop $45,
Kenneth Cole $120,    Rag and Bone $195,    Opening Ceremony $195

so then they say-5 so then they say-7 so then they say

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