20 Photos to Inspire a Trip to Paris

I have loved Paris before I ever even visited. I remember being in sixth grade and proudly telling my best friends mom, “I am going to live in Paris one day.” Where I got the notion, I have no clue but it has been a dream since. I always tell people that in a past life I must have lived there. It is strange to be pulled to a city before you ever even visit it. A few years later I was lucky enough to have parents who sent my sister, cousin and me to finally experience it. The city was everything I imagined and more. I have been lucky enough to go back several times and even live there for a summer. As the years go on, it will be a city I will continue to visit and photograph. It inspires me in ways I can’t put into words. Perhaps that is why Hemingway, Picasso, and all the other greats loved it so!

One of my favorite things to do when I am there is to spend the day walking the city, photographing its’ every corner, pop into a café, and wander some more. So, whether you have visited or not, plan to go or not, take a journey through these 20 photos I have snapped over the years in, “2o Photos to Inspire a Trip to Paris.”

The Universal Dress: Cover-Up

There are a few pieces I know from the moment I buy them, they will be a favorite. This Stateside dress definitely brought on that moment. It was minimal enough to dress-up and down, as well as classic enough to wear in all types of scenarios.  On my latest trip to Miami, Ashley told me of a place she wanted to show me before heading to the Miami Open. She was partnering with Lacoste for the tennis match so I knew we were going to be sitting in their box. Oh, the fashion dilemma. Beach one minute and swanky tennis match the next. I needed a dress that was appropriate for both, and I had it!

This is the perfect dress for those who want something that is an option for any occasion. Throw it on over a bathing suit for a day at the beach or wear it with sneakers to a tennis match. Either way, it works! Which goes back to my theory of only buying items you can think of five different ways to wear it or five different scenarios it fits in. This dress = smart investment.

* Side note – the dress does go up on the sides so if you have long legs I might consider taking it to your tailor to sew up the sides. I still HIGHLY recommend this dress as it is just too perfect for all summer settings and too classic to not own.

miami-3 miami-5 miami-11 miami


outfit details //  Stateside Relaxed shirtdress, SKU ‘Joanna’ Straw hat, Zara Leather Lace-Up espadrilles, Karen Walker ‘Helter Skelter’ sunglasses

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