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Easy outfits are my thing. The more minimalist the better! I hate looking “fussy” and I don’t like to sit in my closet having to over think what to wear. So, the less complicated, the better. When it comes to my hair, I have the same philosophy. I either have slept on it wet for a messy wave or throw it in a bun. Again, the less complicated, the better! Because my schedule has become crazy and my hair has become a non-priority to me, I find myself reverting to a hat – a baseball hat to be exact. I used to wear these all the time in high school and college. Upon graduating and moving, I threw them in a cupboard and forgot about them. However, they are making a big comeback in 2016 and I am excited to have a third style to add to my repertoire!

tip: to wear them in a non-sports related way either wear your hair down or in a low ponytail under the hat!

J.Crew 'Martie' pant

Shop the Baseball Hat look by clicking on the photo below:

outfit details // J.Crew ‘Martie’ pant, Monrow Oversized t-shirt, Converse Low-Top sneakers, Madewell hat (sold out but similar here), Karen Walker “Helter Skelter” sunglasses

thank you to my dear friend Krystal for snapping these photos

Design Inspiration – The Parisian Apartment

There is something so beautiful about a Parisian apartment. How, even if it is completely empty it still possesses a chic and sophisticated feel. The beauty in their simplicity has always captured my heart. It is incredible to me how there is detail in every inch of the space. From the ceiling to the floors, nothing is left. Did I mention the floors? Oh, Parisian floors! They stop my heart from beating every time I look at them. The older I get the more I appreciate good interior decor and the little details that go into it. I find myself looking less at fashion and more at interiors, which is something I never thought was possible. Through the years my interior style has evolved and I am sure will continue to do so. However, after my new found love for Pinterest (I know, I am so late to the game), I can narrow my style down to three aspects: clean, minimal, and effortlessly sophisticated (see my home decor board here).

I gather inspiration from two styles – Parisian and Scandinavian. Both meld minimal and chic so perfectly together. I  love interiors which are well thought-out and strategic but look completely effortless. Like, “oh I just threw that blanket on the sofa in a hurry,” but really I spent a solid 30 minutes arranging it to lay exactly like that. Since I am in an, “I miss Paris” state of mind, my spare time has consisted of scrolling through Airbnb (love this placethis place, and this place) and Pinterest getting my fix of Parisian style. Until the day I can work with someone to create my “minimalist Parisian/Scandinavian masterpiece” I will continue to gather all necessary inspiration!
Interior inspiration, Parisian Apartment, Paris apartment, paris style, paris interiors

Coming Back

Happy Monday! I am excited to be writing this today as I was sick ALL WEEKEND! I had planned to have my husband take some fashion shots over the weekend, but alas, the universe had other plans! I haven’t done a solid fashion posts in what seems like forever so I was excited to jump back on the wagon. When this blog first started it was fashion only but as the years have gone on I have found new passions and interests, one being travel. It isn’t that I abandoned my love for fashion, because it has been and will always be there), but I wanted to focus on another aspect that truly filled my soul. Through this process I have realized that I have abandoned some of my original followers and I don’t like that.

I have received a few e-mails from you asking for more fashion posts. I really appreciate your feedback and e-mails and will do everything in my power to deliver what you want. However, since I am a Libra – who are in a constant battle to find balance – you must bare with me. I am not sure how I want to incorporate fashion back into the blog but I do know it is important to sprinkle a few posts in every now and then. I really want to make them different than your typical “outfit posts” you see floating around the web. To be honest, this was one of the reasons I quite doing fashion. I felt like everywhere I turned and everyone I met was a “fashion blogger” and it got to the point where I asked myself, “why am I doing this?” What do I bring which is different? I don’t want to put them down because I am so proud of how this industry has grown but I know, for me and my creative side, I need to come up with a way to make it feel authentic and unique to me and my style!

Okay, so that entire longwinded rant was all to say say, I hear you and I am excited to bring back a bit of fashion! Thanks for sticking by me and continuing to support my dreams through this blog! I love you to pieces!


*If you ever have any feedback or comments feel free to e-mail me at mary@sothentheysay! I love hearing from you!

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