Checking Off Paris

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The first question I get asked about my last trip, “did you have so much fun?” And the answer is more complex than you would think. I had the absolute best time traveling and laughing with Krystal and it felt so amazing to be back. I literally feel like myself when I am there. But what I didn’t expect was how different I would feel about it as opposed to this summer. I booked my trip back a few weeks after returning because I missed it so much. So I expected it to be a very similar feeling as to what I had experienced a few months before. This summer everything about Paris was new, exciting, and scary. I really felt alive. I enjoyed every walk, every dinner, every day because it was all so new and fresh. I really felt like I lived Paris. So when I went back a few weeks ago I was surprised how I felt. While I still loved it with every fiber of my being that “newness” and “excitement” had worn off. I walked the same streets I had all summer, I had seen the buildings (although they never do get old), and I was no longer afraid to order food or walk into a store. That feeling had worn off, whatever that feeling is. Some people say this is great because it showed just how much I did this summer but it was something I wasn’t prepared for. While Paris will always hold such a special place in my heart, I am excited for new adventures in the future (i.e. I am leaving for Cuba in an hour)!

It is so comforting to know that Paris will always be there. The same streets and buildings will be there when I go back. And it does feel extraordinary that I can say all of this as there was a time I never thought I would ever get to “live and experience” Paris. And a time where I was scared shitless to be there alone (read this post). I cried for the first day because I was so scared to have go buy groceries or go to a restaurant in fear I couldn’t communicate. It is a dream I got to live and I can’t believe it is over. I honestly never thought I would get here, so to realize I have come full circle is such a moment. A really surreal moment.

I wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you again for all of your kind words over the summer and the past few months through e-mails, comments, and face to face. I have loved getting to share my excitement over Paris with all of you! Your sweet thoughts and kind words have meant so much. I can’t believe I have such amazing people who read this blog! Also, don’t worry, the photos, city guides, and recommendations will keep on coming. Because after it all, Paris still lives in my heart!

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A Paris Must – Galeries Lafayette Rooftop

For years I had seen photos from the tops of Paris. For some reason I had only ever stayed sea level and below and never fully experienced Paris from above. I had been told of numerous different spots to see Paris from a few stories up but never took advantage of it. This past trip to Paris I decided to take full advantage of one of these known spots – The Galeries Lafayette. The Galeries Lafayette as a building is something to see. The gilded walls and blue tile dome are enough to make the trip and the crowds worth it but it is their rooftop terrace that really seals the deal. Accompanied with an 180 degree view, comfy seating, a cafe and a restaurant you are sure to spend quite a bit of time up there. Oh, and did I forget to mention the views? They are incredible! The Eiffel Tower, Champs Elyse, and Montmartre are all easy to see. All you need to do is grab a drink, a seat, and get your camera ready! This is a Paris must! 

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