AdinkraExpo – Handmade African Gorgeousness

I am a sucker for a unique accessory. The more unique the more I want it. So when I first saw AdinkraExpo I was smitten. Their products are handmade and all inspired by Africa, which basically means they are colorful, exotic, and unique! African Gorgeousness! How does one chose a favorite? After much debate I decided to choose this clutch as I loved the deep red and greens! When it arrived I was in love and used it that very night for my weekly date night with the hubs. But how can one choose just one clutch when their entire selection is divine. Like, how cool is this beaded cape necklace and this beaded Tema Ankara Print clutch? Dreamy! Don’t worry, if you are looking for a cool piece of clothing they have you covered! I am 100% drooling over this Efua Maxi! So different, flattering, and absolutely gorgeous!!! Next time you are in the market for something that is unique and beautiful keep AdinkraExpo in mind!


Roarke NYC Scarf

Roarke NYC Scarf

I’ll admit it, I have an obsessive personality. When I see/find something I like I have to have it. A favorite restaurant, a favorite dish, a dress I fall in love with, etc. Most recently my obsession is with my Roarke NYC Scarf (I’m wearing the Abyss). If you have seen me in the past month you have most likely seen me wearing this scarf. I wear it with everything from jeans and a t-shirt to a black tie dress (for a wedding). I also have worn it on every trip I have taken – Paris, Marfa, Austin, Chicago, etc. and it fits in perfectly  in each destination. The hand beading is absolutely stunning in person and it is always that perfect addition my minimalist outfits need! They come in a variety of colors (I love the Abyss in black and silver as well as the Tulum) and shapes so you are sure to find exactly what you need!

El Cosmico Marfa-11

Wearing The Abyss by Roarke

Paris Best Cocktail Bars

Paris is the O.G. when it comes to cocktail bars. What you see in almost every city now originated in the city of love. Yup, those Parisians have one upped you! And because the scene is so crazy good I decided to narrow down the list for you and share my favorite spots in today’s post – Paris Best Cocktail Bars! So cheers mon ami! Enjoy that delicious, hand crafted, often times one-of-a-kind, pure goodness!


image via prescription cocktail 

This bar has a very special place in my heart. It happens to be right across the street from a bar I went to in high school while on a trip to Paris with my sister and cousin. Years later while on a trip to Paris with my then boyfriend (now husband) we found ourselves strolling around this area and popped in Prescription. We ended up having an incredibly fun night. When I left I didn’t know when I would be back but come to find out my summer apartment was right down the street! So I got to walk passed it almost daily and enjoy another fun evening their with the husband. I seem to find myself gravitating toward it each trip I take. The atmosphere is great! The drinks are strong! And it is always a guaranteed fun night.

Address: 23 rue Mazarine, 75006
Average price for cocktail: 13-15€



photo via Time Out

Experimental is the O.G. of the Paris cocktail scene. This insanely popular spot is quite small and always full so try to get there early. Just tell the bartender what you like and watch them create magic!

Address:  37 rue St-Sauveur, 75002
Average Price Per Cocktail: 13€



Silencio is the “seen and be seen” bars of this list. This David Lynch designed club offers pricy cocktails and a 99% chance of celebrity sightings. But don’t hold your breathe to get in. It is members only before midnight and after that you are subject to a very strict door. However if get in and are ready to shell out for a drink the decor could make that extra € worth it. With rooms with fumoir, movie theater, and stage for bands to perform you will be fully entertained through the night.

Address: 142 rue Montmartre, 75002
Average price for cocktail: 18€


image by Experimental Cocktail Group

This club is different than others as it offers incredibly delicious food! Upstairs, The Beef Club is a stylish steak house and downstairs, the Ballroom du Beef Club offers a sexy setting to enjoy an aperitif or a place to cozy up to late into the night. I recommend getting here before 9pm to insure a table or after 10pm as the second cocktail room opens. As this club is a modern take on an old tradition be ready to pay a “modern” price. However, word on the street, it is all (meat and drinks) worth it.

Address: 58 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, 75001
Average price for dinner: € 35-49


image by Out and About Paris

This bar is rich in history and authenticity. Right before prohibition, a New Yorker dismantled his Manhattan bar and rebuilt it stone for stone on Paris’s Rue Daunou. Come here to enjoy classic décor, 300 whiskies, and oceans of different beers. Located near the Opéra Harry’s often is flooded with tourists who want to enjoy a drink in the same place Hemingway often found inspiration, or just foggy vision. TIP: Head to the underground piano bar and enjoy a specialty cocktail at the same piano Gershwin composed the tune ‘An American in Paris’ and where jazz concerts are held every Thursday and Friday nights.

Address: 5 Daunou street, 75002
Average price for cocktail: 15€


image via Sherry Butt

An incredibly chill place to enjoy an incredibly delicious cocktail. Located near the Bastille, this bar is a whiskey lovers dream. After years of studying cocktail bars the owners of Sherry Butt have perfected it! **Fact: It is located across the street from the apartment the Doors band member Jim Morrison died.

Address: 20 Rue Beautreillis, 75004
Average price for cocktail: 11€

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