Denim Shorts

With all of my traveling and this Dallas heat the amount of time I spend picking out an outfit is minimal. In the summer months I find myself dreaming of cooler weather clothing (I bought this trench dress minutes ago). Summer fashion just isn’t my thing so waking up and deciding on what to wear is pretty easy – it’s always the same thing. Really to call myself a fashion blogger in the summer is embarrassing because 9 out of 10 times you are probably going to see me in the same thing you saw me in last time we met – shorts and a t-shirt. And don’t you agree shorts and tank tops are such bores? I’d rather be wearing a great pair of leather skinnies and an oversized sweater. Or skinny jeans,  a blazer and thigh-high boots. There is so much more depth and personality in the latter sartorial choices. I mean, how many summer dresses and shorts does one person really want to own? Me? A few!

Since I am stuck in this heat, at least for now (wishful thinking), I have turned to two of my favorite designers: Frame and IRO. No matter which season or what temperature it is, you can always count on them to provide the perfect options. While I was in Paris this summer IRO was having a massive sale so I stocked up on these distressed t-shirts (which are my favorite) and pretty much wear them daily! They are cool (in both meanings of the word) and comfortable! Really, if you have to do summer I recommend investing in t-shirts that you love and are of high quality. This way, you can not only feel a little bit better about your style in the summer but you can also wear them into fall (under a cool leather jacket)!

But really this post is mainly about one question – How many more days until cooler weather?

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outfit details // 30% off Frame Le Grande de Garcon short (and in white), IRO Distressed t-shirt, Ray Ban Classic Aviator in Black, Dune London booties (similar color, similar style)

Looks I love Right Now

image via harpers bazaar

I am completely over this heat! 100% ready for fall! My favorite accessory is an amazing coat so this Dallas heat is not doing me any favors! Since I can only dream of cooler weather I have been sitting online in  my spare time finding all of the pieces I will purchase once the time comes! I love a good minimal look and building a closet around a few key pieces! If you are in the market for a revamp and are ready for fall too, look no further!

AYR Arrow Pant (wait until you see the back of these pants)


AYR Silk Trench

AYR The Razor Dress

Elizabeth and James Malaya dress – Perfect for a black-tie wedding

Zara Coat

Lou & Grey Skinny jean

Emerson Fry Tailored Coat (on sale)


Paris Cafe Scene – Cafe Kitsuné

I often get asked what was one of my favorite things about Paris. I have a vast list of favorite things but one of them is always the cafe scene. I love love love all of the Parisian cafes. They are sleek, original, and delicious. I created quite the nice cafe list (which I will be sharing shortly) but one of my favorites was Cafe Kitsuné (of the Kitsuné brand)!

Kitsuné is known for its funky and carefree clothing and their cafes are no different! With the most outlandish yet completely mesmerizing decor I’ve ever seen in a cafe, it was an experience not to miss! I also loved that at this particular location their clothing store was located just up those stairs (pictured) so I was able to leave with a little souvenir. Two birds, one stone! Not only is their decor something to see but their coffees are divine! After chatting with the barista it seems they only hire the most skilled of their craft which makes for a delicious way to enjoy your crazy surroundings!

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