This is my, “I’m clearly not in NYC for fashion week look.” Considering the windchill is around -20 in NYC, there would be no pencil skirts (seriously how cool is this blush leather one) and light sweaters! I keep getting asked why I am not at fashion week. Truth is – I absolutely hate it. I know that is almost a sin for someone who loves fashion but let me tell you – Sex and the City totally airbrushed it. Not only are you running around in the freezing cold to catch a show but you look around and see others doing the same thing, in outfits they probably would never wear. I always got the sense that everyone was trying so hard to be something they weren’t in their day to day lives. It really gave me the wrong vibes. What really killed me? Last year – I witnessed two girls in the MOST ridiculous outfits, like straight up alien outfits, walking up and down Lincoln center for hours just trying to get their picture snapped by street photographers. These girls literally snuck into the exit of a show and walked out with a group of people time and time again. For some reason it made me nauseous to see the amount of effort they were putting into it and the fact that people were taking their photos. I promise you – what they were wearing was nothing short of a costume. I literally thought Jimmy Kimmel was going to jump out and say, SIKE, all of you are suckers for thinking this is fashion. It was that bad! After watching them and observing others throughout the week I realized maybe this whole shindig wasn’t for me.

Don’t get me wrong there were good parts. I loved seeing girls I hadn’t seen in a while but it was always such a fast encounter that I didn’t really get to catch up with them. Everyone is in a hurry running from show to showroom that there isn’t a chance to catch-up, how I like to.  I am sure there are many of you rolling your eyes while reading this. “Listen to this negative Nancy. I would kill to go to fashion week.” Trust me – I know how I sound. But, when I visit a city I like to really enjoy the city, the people, and the atmosphere. So running around like a crazy chicken trying to catch a coffee date or not miss a show it just isn’t enjoyable to me. Actually the antithesis of enjoyment.

If you are in the fashion industry or a blogger I recommend something else. My idea of fashion week is to skip it, book a trip to NYC a few months later, and visit with all the girls or brands you want to. This way, they actually have time to know you, talk to you, and remember you. In any industry you want to make lasting connections. To build a relationship you need to have time to get to know the other person or brand and a quick 5-15 minute conversation just doesn’t cut it (which is about what you have during FW). Booking your trip a few weeks after fashion week will be much more beneficial as the brands aren’t exhausted from the craze of getting their shows ready, everyone will have more time to meet, and you stand out (because you aren’t being pushed and shoved by 100 other girls). Now, do you get to say you went to fashion week? No. But did you help your business for future partnerships – Most likely. Just a recommendation but if you prefer a more personal and meaningful connection this is what I would do. However, the best advice: experience FW for yourself! You can alway say you went, gave it a shot, and loved or hated it!

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outfit details // ASOS Slouch sweater, ASOS Leather Pencil skirt (now on sale)

accessory details // Ray Ban Classic Aviator in black, Christian Louboutin Pigalle heel

Touch of Lavender

It’s Valentines Day weekend! I am so excited and have lots to plan so this will be short and sweet. Since I planned Valentines Day last year it was the hubs turn this year. I must say, I am beyond excited to see what he has planned. Actually, I am more excited to spend the evening with him. We have both been so busy I feel like we haven’t had a chance to connect this week and I hate that. Even though I am sure he has something fabulous planned I would be open to just about anything as long as we got to spend time together. Actually, I had an idea of buying an adult teepee, set it up in the backyard with blankets and sleeping bags, roll our outside T.V. to the opening and watch a movie in it. I don’t think we will be seeing the inside of a teepee tonight but there is always next year! Honestly, I just want an excuse to buy a teepee!

One thing I really want to do with B is take him to the Goss Michael Foundation. You may remember me talking about it from an earlier post this week but I really did fall in love with it! These photos were shot in their back room! I loved this painting with all of the colors and whimsical shapes. Whatever this weekend holds I am not sure but one thing I can count on – B will be heading to see this place! And you should too! Cocktails, art, and then dinner – Isn’t that a romantic/beautiful evening?

Goss-Michael-89 Goss-Michael-95 Goss-Michael-97 Goss-Michael-98 Goss-Michael-99 Goss-Michael-100 Goss-Michael-101

outfit details // Need Supply Belmont Trench (on major sale), MissGuided Faux Leather Curved skirt, Everlane Silk blouse, Sam Edelman Adora sandals (on major sale)

accessory details // Saint Laurent clutch (thanks krystal), Dana Rebecca Lauren Joy necklaceEllie Jay 5 Row diamond,Croghans Crest ring

Surprise! How to Plan A Romantic Trip


I am an avid reader of Conde Nast Traveler. They always have amazing articles and are spot-on when it comes to recommendations. And, their content is so beautiful it is hard to not get inspired for your next trip. While flying home from L.A. a few weeks ago I decided to re-read my Traveler that I had read on the way there. In between learning french, taking a nap, and looking out the window I must have missed the article on Romantic Getaways. However, I didn’t miss it the second time around. Basically they polled a handful of well-known travelers on their favorite romantic trips. The editors were surprised when they learned that it wasn’t about “where” but more about “how.” Just about every couple interviewed said their favorite trip was the one they didn’t have to plan. In fact, it was a complete surprise. The reason this was their go-to, most romantic trip they have taken – the pressures of planning are out the window. Think about it, when you plan a trip you are wondering: did I get the best deal? should I book another hotel? are we staying within budget? There are so many questions flying in your head you forget that you are going on a V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N. With a surprise trip you are more focused on keeping it a secret than the actual details.

Since surprises are my speciality I figured I would put my own spin on this article and share my tips (and a few from them) on making this romantic “surprise” a success!

1. Figure out the vacation you want to take: This was a really good quote that I thought I would share from MSNBC host JJ Ramberg – “The key is to plan the trip you want to take, not the one you think your spouse wants to take. Scott loves surfing, but he’d put together a much better surf trip than I would.” If you’ll love it, assume your partner will too. Just keep an open mind! The key to the “romance” part of the trip is to experience something new together. Wether it is South Dakota or Ireland, find a place you both haven’t been. Experiencing something for the first time together helps you bond and make lasting memories.

2. Do not over plan: This part is excellent for me as I am not a planner but for my husband, who grew up with a mom who is amazing at organization, it drives him crazy. However, on a romantic surprise weekend try to have days where you can just get lost together (be it in the city or the sheets). Sometimes the best things to do to keep the trip fun is to do something you don’t normally do at home – have a glass of rose at lunch, go on a hike, do a couples massage. Over planning can kill the magic that will happen on a trip if you just let it. Also, if the person who is planning the trip has to organize every activity and meal the pressure is really on and that can take away from the relaxing and spontaneousness of the trip.

3. Have one place you splurge: Is your bliss a great hotel or nice meals every night? Have one area you really want to wow her/him. For me, I love a great hotel  but I love delicious meals and great wine even more and I know the hubs is the same way. Knowing this I would probably spend my money on great food. However, don’t forget that you two will be spending more time in the hotel than a normal trip so keep in mind where you stay should have a romance quality. Maybe book the medium priced hotel but get the ocean view.

4. Figure out their routine: If you don’t want to tell the person where you are going until the airport you are going to need to pack a bag for them. For the weeks leading up to the trip try to study their morning and nightly routine. This will help you to not forget any necessity they might need. If all else fails have one of their friends tell you what they think they will need. This is a really tricky element and one I think you should let the person do, but if you are the ultimate surpriser be very sure to grab everything they need (and more). You don’t want to add to their stress of not having the right pieces.

5. Have a cleaver way of revealing: Now that all the prep work is done start the trip off right by surprising them in a clever way. Maybe wait until their boarding pass tells them where they are going or the one I read that I liked (by Ashlea Halpern) was to print a fake gift card (for a birthday, anniversary, holiday), but have the fine print say it is only redeemable in a specific store in a specific city. The sky is the limit on how you tell them but the one thing that is certain – you are going to have a great time. Just take deep breathes and enjoy every second. Oh, and having a bottle of champagne in the car on the way to the airport never hurts! Bon Voyage!


image via smp

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