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Duster coats have quickly become my “thing.” I love how easily they complete a look. Throw on a basic outfit and a really cool duster coat and you instantly look put together (examples here, herehere, herehere, here, and here). Really, that is my style in a nutshell. I hate fuss, over-complication, and over accessorizing. Sadly, in the hunt to find out what my style really was I fell victim to all of the aforementioned. I wore that big statement necklace with the cupcake skirt. And the platform sneakers and pom pom’s in my hair (spice up your life). I tried the skater pants and the baseball t-shirt (so avril). I wore the skinnies with the button-up and blazer (because of Kate Middleton, hello). Literally I tried every style and trend under the fashion rainbow. I still remember in college a group of my girlfriends were going in a circle describing each other and when they came to me they said, “You are trendy. Always, always on trend.” I remember being a little annoyed at this but then I sat there and realized, they were so right. I had tried every style known to mankind (did I mention I put black extensions in my hair because of Christina in her “dirty” faze? – yup, every trend) but nothing stuck. Why? Because I was always SO uncomfortable in the looks.

While I do believe being trendy is a style, it wasn’t going to be my style. For no other reason than I just never felt comfortable. It has taken yearsssss to find what I feel most “me” in. But over the past year I really believe I have finally found “it” (sigh of relief) –  minimal, classic, and comfortable (and maybe a little bit of a wannabe euro in there! haha). The older I get the more I notice how important it is to stay true to you and your style. It may take a few years to really figure it out but once you do, stick with it! Maybe you don’t know what your style is yet or you think you don’t have one, but you do! I challenge you to think about what it is. You might be shocked at where you end up.

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outfit details //ASOS Duster coat, Mother ‘Cropped Zip Muse’ Coated jeansBlack Strap Sandals (in suede or with a shorter heel), Topshop Pocket blouse

accessory details // zeroUV sunnies($10), Dana Rebecca Lauren Joy necklaceEllie Jay 5 Row diamond

London Shopping – Whistels

I always try to talk about travel once a week and since yesterday was about a Dallas eatery I thought I needed to do a better job. While thumbing through travel photos and deciding what I wanted to share with you all I came across these photos I shot while in London in November. I actually have an entire batch I never posted – 1. because I look SO tired and puffy and 2. because I am wearing grey in every.single.outfit. I have been trying to add some color to my outfits lately so put these on the back burner. However since today was a travel day I figured now is as good a time as ever.

This Whistles dress was actually a sweet gift from the hubs. He has this incredible gift of shopping twice a year and buying items that last. I say gift because it really is hard to not shop all year long. However, during these two times a year he splurges! I mean, he really goes out and gets nice items that he will wear for years to come. And the crazy thing is, he does! He wears these items for years and years – because the quality lasts! Since he had bought what he needed he wanted to treat me to something nice (isn’t he a dear). While walking through a few stores I stopped at Whistels. I have always loved them for their minimal and chic style so I knew I would find something I wanted. Actually, a really amazing navy coat instantly caught my eye. While trying it on and deciding if I liked the oversized fit, “B” brought me this cashmere sweater dress. It was minimal, great quality, and something that will be in style for years (so very B). I was taken. After trying it on I knew this dress was going to be my winter staple. Taking a note from the hubs, I am trying to buy items that fit all the above qualities (quality, wearable, and classic) as I get so jealous of his really nice pieces that last year after year. It makes me sit in my closet and realize how much money I have wasted over the years. Although this entire theory is so much easier said than done it is a lifestyle change. Saving up and waiting for quality over quantity. A lifestyle I have never mastered! Maybe 2015 will be the year?! Probably not as I just finished up an order at Zara, but a girl can dream!

If you want to buy great items that will last (and from an amazing English store) I recommend checking out Whistels. You can shop Whistles online or pop-in their stand alone stores shall you ever find yourself in London. Their pieces really are beautiful and classic and while they might be a little heavy on the pocketbook they will last you for years! And isn’t that the lesson of the day?

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outfit details // Whistles Cashmere dress, Rachel Zoe ‘Nevana’ boot

accessory details //  Ray Ban Wayfarer sunnies in black via Smart Buy glasses c/o

Don’t Leave Without Trying: Dallas, TX Edition


Location: Dallas, Texas

NameMesero Miguel

Price Point: $$

Dish: Nachos Conocidos

Why:Growing up in Texas you are born to have an appreciation for Tex Mex (which is a form of Mexican food). I decided to go to SMU for college which happened to be down the street from a local tex mex spot that everyone loved. I must say, I was less than impressed. The food lacked major flavor and originality. Almost 10 years later people are still going to this other spot time and time again. For the life of me I can’t figure it out. Great tex mex is something us Texans hold near and dear to our hearts so there really is no compromising on mediocre food. When Mesero Miguel moved in right down the street from my house I was excited and a little skeptical. I was hoping it wouldn’t be like the “other local favorite” and lack any real creativity or flavor. After my first trip there I was smitten. I fell in love with the Nachos Conocidos which are four individual chips topped with brisket, beans, cheese, creama sauce, and an avocado. They are absolutely divine and each  bite gets better and better. I am sad to say that the waitstaff now knows my husband and me by name as we go there all the time but these nachos are addicting. I have since introduced them to other friends, family, and visitors, whom all agree these nachos are a MUST if you are visiting Dallas. Each bite is packed full of flavor and since there are four you can share or have them as a meal (which I do). These really are a – Don’t Leave Without Trying – dish!

image via Dallas Observer

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