Boyfriend Jeans + Juxtaposition’s

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Aviu Sequined Nylon sweater (bought via local Dallas boutique Canary), J.Brand Boyfriend jeans, Aldo Cirrito shoes, Wildfox “Classic Fox” in Crystal sunglassesGiles + Brothers Railroad Spike Pave bracelet, Hermes “H” bracelet (in orange), Jennifer Zeuner necklace,

beauty:: Chanel Pimpante Rouge Allure Lip color

There are certain items you lay eyes on and fall in love with, only to look at the price tag and realize the love affair can never happen. That scenario, this Aviu sweater. I absolutely loved this sweater from the moment I laid eyes on it at local Dallas boutique, Canary. I am not a sequin girl and don’t own anything with sequins but something about the detailing and the contrast of the black stripe had my heart skip a beat. A few months went by and I continued to think about this sweater  but knew it was out of range and I needed to move on. However, one day I received a call that they needed a quick photo for an ad they were doing in a Houston magazine and asked if I could come into the store. Low and behold my unobtainable beauty was now 75% off! I swear it was serendipitous. Out the store I went with my lover that never left my mind! Since it is such a beautiful piece I thought pairing it with a distressed boyfriend jean was only necessary. I mean why wear a beautiful piece with another beautiful piece? That would make no sense (sarcasm). No but really, I think the juxtaposition of the two makes a perfect fit. I always love taking a beautiful sweater and then pairing it with distressed denim or a beautiful skirt and pairing it with a t-shirt. It makes a bold yet “I didn’t try too hard” statement. And that is my kind of fashion!

photography by suki lynn

Bathroom Update w/ Valspar + Ace Hardware

before-and-afterValspar-mary-summers-bathroom (6 of 15) Valspar-mary-summers-bathroom (1 of 15) Valspar-mary-summers-bathroom (2 of 15) Valspar-mary-summers-bathroom (3 of 15) Valspar-mary-summers-bathroom (4 of 15) Valspar-mary-summers-bathroom (9 of 15) Valspar-mary-summers-bathroom (10 of 15) Valspar-mary-summers-bathroom (11 of 15) Valspar-mary-summers-bathroom (12 of 15) Valspar-mary-summers-bathroom (13 of 15)

I know how the saying goes, “A house is only a home because of the people inside.” I get that, and totally respect that, but I believe you need to actually like the home you are living in. That way you like the home and fill it with great people, you are set! And I am not writing this to complain about my home (which you have seen numerous times on this blog) because I love it, I really do! However, there is one room in particular that has always been a point of contention with my husband and me – the bathroom! The people who originally built the house made the master bedroom huge and left little space for the bathroom – something my husband and I would have done completely opposite. To each his own.  This bathroom talk has been a long standing conversation with us. We have discussed knocking out walls, re-building, and adding on-to, but it all seemed like a major headache for a home that isn’t our “forever.” So after a year of talking we kind of left the thought of re-doing it alone. Until one night at dinner we decided, let’s paint it! At least we will like the walls better! And as any small home repair goes – you can’t just do one thing! So painting became adding new hardware, which became adding new faucets, which became adding new sinks, which became adding a new mirror, and so on.

Why did this entire project really get started? You may remember my teaser post on a new beauty department, where I couldn’t tell you more but told you to stick around for a BIG reveal. Well, now I can! That beauty boutique is the new Paint Studio at Ace Hardware. And trust me, they are definitely changing the way we see paint! I mean if their new ad A Beauty Revolution doesn’t set them apart enough their new style of showing the paint will! The Paint Studio offers a boutique-style shopping experience – think more make-up and beauty aisles and less screw-drivers and nails! Much more enjoyable and relatable to us women who, let’s be honest, are the main ones picking out the paint! I was really inspired when I found out this kind of experience existed and that The Paint Studio offers both the Valspar and Clark+Kensington paint lines.

From my previous post you know I love white! Done right, it is absolutely beautiful, but of course, when it comes to my own home, I love dark! So instead of painting it the traditional white I decided to have fun with it and paint it a dark green – a color that has really been inspiring me lately. I thought the darker tone would make for a really cozy bathroom experience. I love that The Paint Studio offers pint-sized samples in any color for $5 because we went through a handful of greens before we found the perfect one – Valspar Breathe Deeply. Our master is a dark blue so we thought they would fit together nicely.! Most people think of white or light colors for the bathroom because it feels clean and crisp, however as clean and crisp as white feels, dark feels just as warm and cozy. After all, isn’t that how you want to feel when you get into a hot shower or soaking in a warm bath? For the accent white we used Valspar Snowflake which is absolutely beautiful. It is a bit of a cooler white but it mixes with the dark perfectly! We also decided to be a bit funky in the bathroom and painted stripes! Since the door is mostly closed we thought it would be fun to change it up! I asked the painter to paint it on the door, and the look on his face was priceless. But all in all, I am quite pleased!

If you are considering any paint jobs in the near future definitely check out The Paint Studio! They really tailor to your needs offering personalized attention and the colors, oh the colors! They are absolutely perfect!


thank you Valspar for sponsoring this post

On Repeat :: Gold & Gray Jewelry

gold-and-gray-jewelry (1 of 1)-3


gold-and-gray-jewelry (1 of 1)-5

Gold and Gray Moss Agate & Bone Spike necklace ::  Gold and Gray Medium Wood Tassel bracelets

There are certain pieces of jewelry I wear daily – wedding band, skinny pave ring, pinky knot ring, Dana Rebecca Lauren Joy necklace, and most recently my Gold & Gray pieces. I must admit, I am usually not one for beaded pieces, I have always preferred dainty gold jewelry over anything statement like. However, Gold and Gray has definitely changed my mind. I find myself reaching for the Moss Agate & Bone necklace every day! It is absolutely beautiful in person and every time I wear it, without fail, I get someone who asks where it is from. I didn’t realize just how versatile a piece like it is. I wore it on the beaches in Brazil, to a cocktail hour in Geneva, and every day since in Dallas. I am absolutely a fan of their pieces and thought you all should know about them too!

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