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Happy Memorial Weekend everyone! I hope you have fun plans for the holiday weekend! Mine is extra special this year as I get to celebrate the greatest woman I know, my mother, and her 60th birthday. My family is full of golfers so it was always normal for her and my father to travel to play at Pebble Beach, California. It is one of her favorite places on earth and she always jokes that Pebble Beach is where she wants her ashes spread (not going to happen). She loves it that much! If you were to ask her, what her one dream in life would be, it is always to take her family to all play Pebble Beach together. So for her 60th birthday, that is exactly what my dad is doing. He planned a surprise trip (she knows now) to Pebble Beach! After a year of knowing about this trip we are all very excited to get there, make life long memories, and most importantly to celebrate the woman who has given us everything!

Since I am heading the the airport in the next 10 minutes I thought I would show a quick “chill” outfit that I am planning on wearing to explore the nearby city, Carmel. I have been l-i-v-i-n-g in this look! Maybe because I am really proud of my diy efforts with the distressing or maybe it is because it is ridiculously comfortable! The outfit is perfect for shopping, running errands, going to lunch, ect. If you need a comfortable look – try this! Buy or grab your husbands oversized shorts, throw on a t-shirt, and braid your hair! Voila, it is a complete look!

Have a very safe Labor day weekend!!! xx


so-then-they-say-boyfriend-shorts (3 of 10)so-then-they-say-boyfriend-shorts (4 of 10)so-then-they-say-boyfriend-shorts (5 of 10)so-then-they-say-boyfriend-shorts (6 of 10)so-then-they-say-boyfriend-shorts (7 of 10)so-then-they-say-boyfriend-shorts (8 of 10)so-then-they-say-boyfriend-shorts (10 of 10)

Otte NY Sophie blouse in black, Gap Boyfriend shorts on sale (I distressed them myself), Aldo Cirrito shoes, Clare Vivier Foldover clutch, Em John bracelet

beauty:: Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lipstick in Call The Shots

photos by Molly Miller

White After Labor Day

Every year Labor Day rolls around and I give up white. I am a child of the south and have always abided by this rule. I know it is outdated and doesn’t stand today, but I still struggle with actually wearing white after Labor Day. It probably comes from my mom who made me change before school if I was wearing the hue. Not that she necessarily cared but it was something her grandmother did to her, so the rule continued. I love fashion and I know it is usually about breaking the rules but this is a rule that I have always been fine abiding by – even snarking at people who I saw breaking it. You know what “they” say, be careful what you speak because it usually comes back to haunt you. In this case, it has! Being that it is so hot in Texas and white is my favorite color to wear at the moment, I can’t find it in my heart to give it up. Not yet! I am going to break the cycle. I think with every habit, the first way to break it is admitting you have a problem, so here goes. “Hi. My name is Mary Summers, and I never wear white after labor day.” Officially.broken.

What are your thoughts on this antiquated but still very real rule (to some people)? Am I going to look a total fool for wearing white after September 1st or be just fine? Are there any rules to the rule of it being okay to wear white after labor day? I must say I am clueless when it comes to this. You have officially caught me in a moment of honesty!


so-then-they-say (12 of 32) so-then-they-say (13 of 32) so-then-they-say (14 of 32) so-then-they-say (15 of 32) so-then-they-say (18 of 32) so-then-they-say (19 of 32)

Nicholas Crossover Hem Pencil Skirt, Madewell Slub V-neck t-shirt (on sale for $17), Gold Chain Necklace,  Giles + Brothers Railroad Spike Pave bracelet, Hermes “H” bracelet (in orange), Jennifer Zeuner necklace, F21 sunnies (similar)

photography by suki lynn

Maison du Soir Begonia

maison-du-soir-begonia (4 of 5) maison-du-soir-begonia (5 of 5)maison-du-soir-begonia (1 of 5) maison-du-soir-begonia (2 of 5) maison-du-soir-begonia (3 of 5)

Maison du Soir Begonia

::  black :: cream ::  pink ::  floral ::

The last set of my Maison du Soir collaboration. What a fun ride it has been – Rio, Geneva Gardens, Geneva Pool, Normandy, and Normandy again, Paris, and lastly, London. The sets are settled back in Dallas and being worn frequently but my how I wish I was backing wearing them around other parts of the world! Since the last Begonia set in Paris was forced to be worn as a dress I thought it was only fitting to show it again in London at The Kensington Hotel. What a beautiful hotel for a beautiful pajama! I decided to shoot these straight out of bed – very real life! I kind of love the voyeuristic feel to these photos! Almost like you are waking up with me.

I am really sad this collaboration has come to an end but I hope I have been able to share the beauty that is Maison du Soir! It is like my friend said the other day when I was wearing them, “they definitely look beautiful on your blog but they are even more beautiful in person.” I could never do these amazing pieces justice but I do hope I was able to open your eyes to a new brand that is changing the pajama industry! And if you trust me on only one thing – it is that your closet needs a set of Maison du Soir! Please let me know if you have questions on any sizes I wore or on the pajamas in general!  Thanks for following along!

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