Basic London Dressing

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Zara jeans (similar) and jacket (very similar), Madewell sweater, All Saints Keiko Studded loafer, Celine handbook, Ray Ban sunnies

Can you tell I packed very basic and comfortable clothing for this trip? After getting fancy everyday at NY fashion week (here, here, and here) I was ready to get back to the basics and start dressing “real.” Not that my outfits weren’t “real” at FW, because I really felt like they represented my style so perfectly, but because I usually don’t wake up and put on a full face of make-up, do my hair, and worry about accessories every morning (which is what I do at FW). To be honest, I hardly ever wear a full face of make-up, or worry about my jewelry, and I only wash my hair every few days. On a normal basis I am about as low-key as they come! And I definitely had that mentality when packing for this trip abroad.

For this trip  I packed in less than five minutes. I am not sure why but I really couldn’t be bothered with what I put in my suitcase. I think it is because I knew I was traveling with one of my best friends so trying to impress was not one of my concerns (drinking lots of wine and eating loads of chocolate was my only concern this trip). Because of this lack of interest I ended up with a few pairs of jeans, a few sweaters, and a few silk button-ups. Talk about lack of over-packing! Every outfit is going to be super basic but I have found, those items are all you really need for a quick trip abroad. I hope you aren’t utterly bored with my fashion the past few posts because I have been so comfortable and felt very “me.”

I am excited to bring you some more outfits of ways to style basic pieces around London! Stay tuned!

p.s. How AMAZING are the pictures of those houses above? Can you say dream home? They are located right next to the embassy’s  and Hyde Park and nesstled inbetween some of the cutest side streets in the area! Check my Instagram for more pictures of local spots around Hyde Park!

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outfit photography by Molly Miller 

Dreary Ol’ England

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 Rag and Bone “The Jean” Jeans (also in a few sizes on sale here), Old Navy grey t-shirt, Zaza sweater (similar), Nike Free Run sneakers, Ray Ban sunnies, Michael Kors raincoat (on sale), Celine handbag traveling with friends is so fun! Molly and I have had really full days but it has been perfect- waking up late, finding cute cafes, showing her around the city, stopping in any shops that look appealing, and taking in the London air! I love having her here so much that I haven’t even minded showing her all of the regular tourists stops you have to make. I must admit, (and don’t take this the wrong way), but I HATE doing tourist things. It is one of my least favorite ways to enjoy a city, but, on your first visit to a new place one must see the usual spots. Since I have hit them up before, it has been really easy (and fast) to take Molly around for her to see everything. Yesterday we hit up the Tower of London, the Tate Modern, and the Churchill arms and today we saw Buckingham, Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster and had an enjoyable stroll around Hyde Park – all in all, a great and busy day! We are now off to one of my favorite pubs, The Grenadier, but be sure to check back tomorrow for a new post! You can also follow our travels on Instagram via #mmjumpthepond


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outfit photography by Molly Miller 

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