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All Saints Keiko Studded Loafer, c/o Subtle Luxury Uneven Hem Crews, Celine Mini, Ray Ban aviators, XNY watch, Hatch bracelet,  c/o INPink necklace

 There are certain outfits that are so comfy you don’t want to take them off; this is one of those. The leather pants are a few years old so they are worn-in and soft and the All Saints shoes are new but such great quality they were like slippers from the get-go. What is the best about this look? The sweater! I found out about Subtle Luxury from a friend of a friend. They were new to me but something I would totally love. Simple, soft, comfortable, annnnnd cashmere? I am in to that! Oh and cashmere at a great price! I am even morrree into that!

This is the perfect type of accessory for your upcoming travels. I know it sounds like this blog is turning into a travel site, which I don’t hate, but all of us travel and like fashion so why not talk about the two things together? Whether you are traveling to the grocery store or around the world, you need a soft sweater. Like, if your closet doesn’t have this you better head over to S.L. now and invest, because there is nothing you will wear more!  On a plane, in a car, on the couch- a cashmere sweater (at an amazing price) is always the perfect item!

So, if you really don’t want to buy something right now, I have you covered! Subtle Luxury has teamed up with M.A.S. to offer a giveaway! One lucky winner will get to pick any scarf or wrap from their site and they ship it to you! Enter below 🙂


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also, congratulations to Taylor Mitchell on winning the Hatch bracelet. I will be e-mailing you shortly. Thank you to all who entered! xx

Striped Monochrome

Jumpsuit - M.A.S. FASHION-6 Jumpsuit - M.A.S. FASHION-7 Jumpsuit - M.A.S. FASHION-8 Jumpsuit - M.A.S. FASHION-9 Jumpsuit - M.A.S. FASHION-10 Jumpsuit - M.A.S. FASHION-14 Jumpsuit - M.A.S. FASHION-15 Jumpsuit - M.A.S. FASHION-19 Jumpsuit - M.A.S. FASHION-20 Jumpsuit - M.A.S. FASHION-24 Jumpsuit - M.A.S. FASHION-29 Jumpsuit - M.A.S. FASHION

 findersKEEPERS Star Eyes blouse, findersKEEPERS Midnight Lovers shorts, Joie Twiggy Over The Knee Boots, Forever21 Sunnies, Two Tone Chelsea Charles bracelet, Chanel bag, Chanel Lipstick in Pimpante

I have really been into color and patterned monochromatic looks. It is a nice break from my usual very basic outfits. I think  a break from tradition or a piece that steps outside your comfort area is exactly what you need sometimes. We all get so comfortable in normalcy that throwing in something different is usually inspiring. I love my basic jeans and t-shirts but I have grown a bit bored with my closet so I vowed to make my next purchase one with lots of color and patterns. I definitely stepped outside my normal purchasing behavior. I am excited to show you more!

Also, I am so giddy this morning, not because I have new garbs to show you but because I am putting the final touches on a very spontaneous trip abroad. My sweet hubs called me Monday morning and said, “While I am gone in Canada you should go abroad too.” You never have to offer me a trip twice, so we hung up that morning and the trip was booked by noon that same day. That is why I called it a very spontaneous trip. Want to know something that makes this trip even more exciting and special? I get to bring my best friend Molly (read her post today), and show her a new part of the world. She couldn’t have said it better than in her post today, “I don’t know which of us is more excited; me for getting to go somewhere I’ve never been or her for getting to introduce me to it.” I honestly am dying with excitement! How often is it that you get to go with your best friend on a trip abroad or show someone a new part of the world? The trip couldn’t come soon enough and once there are more details to share, I will fill you in!

In the mean time, shop these fun patterned separates for your closet…

24 hours left on the amazing and cool Hatch Bracelet! Be sure to enter
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