Year in Review :: 2013


What a year it has been! From becoming a wife to a new aunt, to a new career and a new blog re-design, I am not sure I could of had a better year! As I sit and reflect I am beyond grateful for all of the love and support I have received in 2013. Thank you for sticking by me through it all! I know people say, “I hope next year is even better,” but if 2014 is as good as 2013,  I will be so lucky! Cheers, salut and chien chien to 2014! xx

Snaps of Verbier, Switzerland

Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION-45 Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION-50 Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION-54 Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION-55 Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION-56 Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION-57 Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION-59 Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION-60 Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION-61 Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION-62

We are headed out the door for Berlin this morning but I wanted to share a few snaps I took while in Verbier. What a magical spot! The town itself is so cute and picturesque with all of the snow covered chalets surrounded by Swiss Alps. I mean it is a dream. One night we decided to walk the 45min path up the mountain to La Marmotte, an amazing restaurant with typical swiss food. After stuffing our face with raceltte, rosti, and lots of wine, we sledded down. It was a night I will never forget! Once you are at the top of the mountain it is so beautiful and clear. I really can’t type it into words how heavenly it is. The sledding was a hoot, as I may be the worlds worst, but I will never forget the night! Memory made!

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London Ease

Mary Summers -- M.A.S. Fashion-32 Mary Summers -- M.A.S. Fashion-34 Mary Summers -- M.A.S. Fashion-4 Mary Summers -- M.A.S. Fashion-6 Mary Summers -- M.A.S. Fashion-7

Zara Coat and Leather Pants, Free Run Nike shoes, Madewell Gamine sweater, Ray Ban sunnies, Alexander McQueen scarf

As you can see the title to this post is, London Ease. I have been finding it quite easy to dress for this trip. I was really prepared and laid out outfits before and only packed basics which could be worn multiple ways with multiple different pieces. I am really proud of myself as I am usually the worlds worst packer! While I have found dressing for this trip easy there is something that I have found extremely difficult; blogging.

Last night I was talking to my mother-in-law about all the work that goes into creating a post and thought it would be an interesting way to explain my lack of recent TLC. Unfortunately it is quite difficult to just “throw together,” a post. Each one takes time and work that most people do not understand. Since I am a last minute type of gal I did not have anything planned for while I was gone. I always tell my clients to create a content calendar, but as we all know taking your own advice is the hardest thing to do. Since I was going to be traveling I thought I would come up with content as it came to me because I am always most inspired while traveling. Unfortunately, I didn’t take into account how much traveling we would be doing. To create a post you need a lot of time; first to come up with the idea, then create and edit the content, write the post and link where necessary, and then spend the rest of the day promoting on social media. whew! In writing it all out it doesn’t seem like a lot but it takes tiiiiiimmmmeeeee. So, to end this long excuse, I apologize for being such a terrible blogger and I hope to update regularly going forward (i make no promises). I guess, in the new year (among many other resolutions) I need to be organized and prepared so I do not fall behind. eeek! 

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