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Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION-17Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION-9

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This year has been a crazy (good) one for my family. We have welcomed two new dogs (Annie Hafner + Flash Miller), a son/brother-in-law (my hubs), and three beautiful little girls (Mary + Catherine Summers + Molly Miller). To say we feel like we have lived five years in the past 11 months is an understatement. Our hearts are so full of love and happiness that it is almost too perfect Thanksgiving is next week as we have so much to be thankful for.

Last week I mentioned exciting family news, and here she is. My sister gave birth to her beautiful baby girl on November 14th! I was devastated to not be at the actual birth, as I was flying back from Chicago (little Molly decided to come early), but I rushed to be by her side Friday morning. My sister is an incredible human being. She was always like a second mom to me; fixing my hair, playing dress-up, and full of advice. Growing up all of this attention would sometimes annoy me but as we aged I realized she was always there to nurture and love me. These qualities will no doubt make her the best mother in the world. She also married one of the best men I know, so I am certain little Molly is one lucky, lucky, little girl. As for me, I am so excited to be another “crazy auntie-M” to this beautiful baby girl. I almost couldn’t wait until today to post these pictures I snapped of her! Isn’t she perfect?! Annnnnnnd how beautiful is my sister four days after giving birth?! She totally has the new mother glow!


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Mansur Gavriel Obsession

mansur gavrielmansur gavriel mansur gavriel Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION

 Mansur Gavriel Bags

I love any minimalistic look. It always looks chic and stands the test of time. I especially love minimalist when it comes to accessories. I think it is smart to think of accessorizing as an investment. You can always get away with less expensive clothing if your accessories look nice. Since higher quality items come at a higher price, it takes longer to stock up on these pieces. This makes it even more important that your accessories or “investments” will last past what is, “cool this season.”

While browsing around the Internet I stumbled upon the perfect bag. The lines are clean, the shape is perfect, and the leather looks really rich; investment time! Who is this master? None other than the incredibly talented duo, Mansur Gavriel.  Rachel and Floriana make bags that you will be reaching for years to come. Seeing how beautiful these bags were made me really scared to look at the price. I always find the perfect piece and am let down when it is way out of my price range. But want to know something that will make these bags even better (if that is possible)? They are made with Italian tanned vegetable leather which makes the price very competitive. So my readers, be ready to get lost in all the goodness that is Mansur Gavriel!

images via Glamour, Mansur Gavriel, + Fashion Telegraph UK

Around Chilly Chicago

Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION-3 Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION-4 Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION-6 Mary Summers -- M.A.S. FASHION

Zara leather pants, Haute Hippie leather jacket (old but similar here + shop more haute hippie), Nike Free Run sneakers, Gap tank, ASOS beanie, Ray Ban sunnies, Alexander McQueen bag

Everyone told me Chicago would be cold. I just kept saying, “I know, I know. I can bare it.” Ummm. No. I realized Chicago is a type of cold I don’t understand. The wind rips right through you and you are left feeling like a delirious lost little puppy. One morning I thought this outfit above would be warm enough. After-all it was a few layers with a scarf and a hat. How much more warmth do you need? Apparently in Chi town, A LOT. I was freezing my Texas butt off! However, one thing that wasn’t in pain; my feet. I wore the daylights out of my Nike Free Run’s! Leather pants, dresses, jeans, you name it, I wore it! Seriously one of the best purchases I have made in a while!


Photos taken by Jena (the one and only)

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