Sports Chic

 My go-to outfit is always jeans and t-shirts but it is so hot in Dallas my new uniform is shorts and t-shirts. I have teamed up with Old Navy to show you more of this look (check back tomorrow) but in the mean time I wanted to show a little number that I wore over the weekend.
I know you are thinking, are those gym shorts? To be totally honest, I am not sure. I saw them in Zara and thought they would be really fun with a pair of heels, to play up the “sports-ness,” but when the sweet hubby saw them he asked if they were sleep shorts. I am thinking they are more universal than I thought. However you would wear them, they are a fun piece to have in the closet! Heels or sneakers. 

Celine clutch


You all know how much I love leather! I wear it on the reg and re-pin most images that I see of someone else wearing it. I think it is cool, edgy, and chic. What other type of clothing can cover all of that in one piece? When scrolling through the Internet for new pieces I came across the site Viparo. Their campaign is amazing; with images of girls and guys wearing the coolest leather pieces I have seen this season. What is that you ask? How are their prices? To that I answer, too good for words! Check them out!

Here are a few more leather pieces I am also lusting over::

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