Quote Friday

This weekend I am off to San Francisco for a super quick get-a-way with my bestie and fiance to see Swedish House Mafia’s last tour. When we found out they would be in the states we all three decided to go and make a lasting memory. I can’t wait to get there, walk around the city, eat fabulous food, and have too many drinks, because life is short and we all just need to buy the damn shoes trip.

  • If you are late to the game this week then you missed my amazing gift from my mom. She really knows a way to a girls heart. How cute were those little treats?
  • You also missed round II of M.A.S. Interviews! I LOVED getting to know Carin and her photography is incredible. After reading her blog, Four Days in Paris, you will feel like you were just there for four months. 
  • I was so excited to share this little gem! At only $29 it is a real bargain!
  • Lastly, I was blown away by all of your comments on ideas for wedding cakes. You all know me so well. Simple and no fuss 🙂  I even got great advice on Facebook too! Thank you all for your help! 

Have a great weekend and can’t wait to share San Fran with you all next week!


It is crazy to think that with a little over two months the wedding is pretty much all planned. I asked my wedding planner, “Now what do I do?” She responded with a very sweet, “You wait.” EEEEKKKKK! Waiting has by far been the worst part. I am so ready to get this, “show on the road.” (thanks Annie Banks MacKenzie). 
Before we can enjoy all of the planning we do have a few things left; bridal portraits, hair and make-up run through, and designing the cake. I have never been the girl who had all the details of her wedding planned before ever getting the ring, so when I finally was engaged it was all a bit overwhelming.  Knowing, from previous events, I don’t like fuss or over design, I went with simple, classic, and elegant which is what I have in mind for the cake. I originally thought to just have the cake and no floral but after seeing these pretty pictures I think my mind has changed. I love the timeless, feminine, touch and what girl wouldn’t want that on her big day?
What are your thoughts? Floral, no floral? Smooth or textured? decor on the cake, or no?


I stumbled upon this Gap clutch yesterday and ooohed and awed. I have seen so many of these two-toned bags lately and have been looking for the right one at the right price. Most of the time similar clutches go for $250+ but when I saw this clutch was only $29, I hit proceed to checkout. The great think about it is that it also comes in navy, coral, or yellow. At $29 it is tempting to get a few as it will transition well for spring, summer, and fall!

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