I have been looking for a letterpress that was simple and clean for a few months. I wanted something that felt very personal but wouldn’t break the bank. My bestie is a whiz at paper goods. She always seems to have the best, and know the best.  She is responsible for introducing me to the amazing…
custom note pads (below) that I use daily and now buy as gifts for my friends. Right when I asked her who she recommended for letterpress she instantly said Paper Lovely. Once I pulled their site up I was instantly in love. Kim, the founder, is super talented and really understands how to keep it simple but still let your name pop.
Hand written thank you notes are very important to me. Growing up my mother used to make my brother, sister, and I sit at the table and write them to everyone who gifted us something for our birthday or Christmas. I used to want to cry but now I am so grateful she taught me to do this. I can’t wait to send these customized cards out thanking anyone I had the pleasure of working with on M.A.S.

side note- I am in the market for new business cards. Do ya’ll have any recommendations?

Simply Noir

Zara sweater (this + this = similar), American Apparel tights, Steve Madden boots (similar), Karen Walker sunnies, 3.1 Philip Lim bag

If you read this blog you know that when I find an outfit I love I live in it until someone says, enough (see here). That happened with this little number over the weekend. I wore it on date night, running errands, and hanging out with my mom. I love all of the different fabrics but I mainly love how simple the overall feel is.

Also, I am so excited you can find me guest blogging today about anniversary attire on I Love That! Be sure to check it out

Zara sweater (this + this = similar)
Steve Madden boots (similar)
Steve Madden boots (similar)


I LOVE quotes. My best friend and I read them all the time and turn to them when we need advice. We used to have a blog together where quotes were a main component and I miss that. After thinking about it I decided Friday was a great day to post a little burst of inspiration.

I knew this one was the perfect way to start it off as my mom is coming in town for a girls weekend. Girls weekend entails lots of champagne and yummy food; two of my true loves. However,  I better not eat too much because…duh duh dum… MY DRESS IS HERE!! After almost five months of waiting it finally arrived yesterday.  I can’t wait to just look at it and touch it (total bride moment). I am dying to share it with you all.

Okay, so on to another topic I need help with, the honeymoon. The fiance and I don’t know where we want to go or if you totally splurge or save. We both really want to re-do his closet and add a great bar. To go all out on the house or the honeymoon? Do any of ya’ll have advice? Would you rather have a really killer honeymoon or honeymoon (smaller) and closet and bar? I am leaning toward the latter only because we will be living in the house and can travel whenever we want but I know you only have one honeymoon so I need outside advice.

I hope you all have a happy and safe weekend. If you are just now catching up on M.A.S. from the week, here is what you missed:
1/13/13- RING RING
1/15/13- CAVIAR
1/16/13- THE, SOFIE LYDDON (my favorite of the week)
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