Australian duo, Tamila and Melanie, are the ever so talented creators behind jewelry label Mania Mania. My bestie, Amanda, first introduced me to their Instagram which is contantly updated with whimiscal pictures of their life and jewelry which they describe as a mix of “magic and mysticism.”
My favorite part is that each piece, “always has a story to tell, or symbolic meaning, making them feel alive and powerful to wear.” They are up and coming in the fashion accessory world and according to W Magazine, “the most talked about accessory label right now- with good reason.” Definitely check them out as they are, ones to watch!

Shop them here or here

Black Magic

Lately I have been feeling really uninspired by my closet. I did a massive closet clean-out (also talked about here) a few weeks ago where I threw out anything I had not worn in the past six months. I thought this would help be feel renewed and ready to style but…
sadly I still feel a little uninspired. This is why my tried and true love for all black never waivers. It is seriously like magic. You can feel great while not spending hours in your closeting begging the fashion Gods to tell you what to wear. Other benefit, it is normally very wallet friendly.
Key pieces for this look are; a pair of great skinnies (jeans, leggings, or pants), a black sweater with texture (I like this one as well as this one) and a killer pair of flats, boots, or heels. Voilà, you have achieved Tous Noir!

 H&M pants (similar)
 Alexander McQueen bag (similar)

Friday :: Memories

I am that cheesy sentimental person who always likes to remind my friends, “We are making memories,” even if we are doing something as mundane as going to the movies or grabbing lunch. I love the idea of looking back in a few months or years and remembering the moment. My bestie came home from class the other day and said she heard something that really resonated with her…
so I wanted to share; “It is often difficult to remember general years or ages in your life, instead we tend to anchor our memories to moments or to experiences that bring us back to those years or times .”
This really hit me the other day when I was talking to zee fiancé and we were going over our bucket list of everything we wanted to do before kids and then in general (yes, we created one. I told you I was cheesy sentimental). He said something, that I am now forgetting, but I remember telling him, “It isn’t about just crossing the name off the list it is more about sharing the experience and making memories together.” I can tell you moments that stick out in my mind as if they happened yesterday but I will never be able to go back and pin point the exact date. So with all of this being said, I am going to make an effort to get my behind off the couch this weekend and go make a memory, even if it means I am only going to Sunday brunch 🙂

Had a busy week and missed M.A.S.? Not to worry I got you covered :: 
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I loved showing you my new Paper Lovely Letterpress
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This little number was on my wish list for wedding festivities until my size sold out last week! Help me I need a dress”
I fell head over heels in love with this blog
This towel has me feeling the warmth of summer while making me want to stand up and sing “God Bless America.”
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