I love plush, white bedding. To me it is serene and inviting. Since the wedding is pretty much planned (four months and counting) my attention is moving to my future home. My poor family, and now fiance, have always had to put up with my 0 to 1,000 pace. Once I get my mind set on something, I have to do it, and then complete it. It is a nasty habit and I am working on slowing down but since I haven’t learned to yet, I will continue to get ideas for the house. sorry

 Check out Crane & Canopy for very affordable and tres chic bedding! I personally love the Page Gray
Also, check out a feature they did on M.A.S. HERE
images via Pinterest and Crane & Canopy


You might remember me doing a post on my Maya Brenner Initial necklace (here), which I L.O.V.E. It is so delicate and dainty that I always thought it would be great for layering with similar pieces. This is where my friend Molly comes in. One day she was wearing her Dana Rebecca and I instantly fell in love! It was so perfect to pair with my Initial necklace that I had to ask, “where from?” Normally I am not that person but when you find something you love, it just kind of blurts out. She was kind enough to tell me and I believe it took me about .9 seconds to run home and make the purchase. My neck now feels complete, so thank you Maya and Molly 🙂

p.s. Just a thought, but I think either would make great Maid/Matron of Honor gift! What do you think? 


I have never been a book reader, that was always my sister. She could read all day. As a little sister you always want to be like your big sister so I would grab a book and scroll through it. If it didn’t have pictures, I was bored and after three minutes it was on the floor and I was re-organizing my closet. 
It is funny how even as you grow up, you don’t change. Although I enjoy reading now, I still love a book with good pictures. That is why coffee table books are my dream. I plan to have an amazing collection of them for any “non-book readers” who come over  🙂 
 I am getting quite proud of my little collection and thanks to my future mother-in-law I acquired THIS book too! If you love photography you will love it!
Molly and I showing off our new, signed, Vogue books! 

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