Passion is Healthy

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting Garance Dore and this is what I wore. If you don’t know her or her blog I suggest you go now. Well wait and finish reading this but then go. She is a photographer and fashion blogger. She also creates the most exquisite videos called, “Pardon My French.” She is insanely amazing and everyone left the room feeling so inspired. My favorite quote of hers, “passion is healthy.” Incredibly put. On that ladies and gents I leave you.

Photography by Amanda


I love giving gifts that people love. To see their faces when they open it is the best feeling in the world. The reaction makes all the stress and exhaustion of searching for that “perfect find” worth it. I literally beat my head over the desk during Christmas trying to think of what everyone will like. My best friend Amanda is exactly like this too. She is so thoughtful and always finds the most unique treasures. Last year for my birthday she gave me a french antique perfume bottle and the year before an amazing dream journal. Everything she finds is from the heart and you know it was well thought out.

This past birthday she gave me something I will love forever. A hand-made and customized dish to hold my engagement ring from Paloma’s Nest. She inscribed “forever and ever” with my wedding date. It is so personal and  like nothing I have seen before. I plan to use this idea and gift it to those friends of mine who get engaged in the future. 


I bought this SuperTrash blazer on a trip to Amsterdam earlier this year. Again, it was one of those circumstances when I saw something and knew I had to have it. I didn’t know how I was going to style it or what I would wear it with I only knew that it had to be mine. The other day I was scanning through my closet for a blazer to add a little something to this montone outfit and that bright neon caught my eye. I can’t believe I had it tucked away for so long. I am excited to wear it in the spring but I think it definitely adds some pop to that simple, fall wardrobe. I paired the blazer with my new Zara booties. How amazing is that calf hair? They add texture to every outfit I pair them with without stealing the show. They are definitely my new go-to! 
Also, I wore this skirt here and styled it quite differently. Such a versatile and great piece to add to your closet. Be sure to check back for another way to style it soon!

Photography by Brice
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