Keep It Classic

Vintage St. John jacket, Dress Unknown (frugal similar/ designer similar) Sam Edelman boots (coveting similar), bag from a trip to Italy (designer similar), Ray Ban eye glasses, 

I never saw myself as preppy, I mean maybe in those high school days when everyone was trying to fit in, but not since. I tend to lean more towards trendy and don’t care much for Vera Bradley or Lilly Pultizer (not to offend). I think some girls look just fine in those designers but I have never been one. I love skinny jeans and a baggy sweater with a great pair of heels, nothing over the top but always classic. However, when I first saw this vintage St. John sweater in a store, for some reason, I gravitated towards it. I tried to ignore it and laugh it off but I couldn’t, so I grabbed it, bought it, and now wear it.

Don’t go for the boring loafer, that is old news. For added appeal throw on a classic and chic over-the-knee boot or a bright flat which will take the eye from the sweater to the whole look. Don’t make it into a school girl halloween costume.

Photography by Brice
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