Comfy, Cozy

 Miu Miu bag, Urban Outfitters harness, H&M sweater (similar), Report booties, Michael Kors watch, Sevens jeans

Let’s be real. Sometimes the best days are the ones where you throw on baggy jeans, an oversized sweater and a hat (since you were most likely too lazy to wash your hair the night before) and sit around watching movies all day.  On these particular days I do love staying in my pj’s for a good portion of the day but I usually try to at least put on minimal make up and normal clothes to make myself feel somewhat “accomplished.”


I am a big fan of using one letter to monogram. I like it because it is different and not as “cutesy” as the full initial.  It could also be because my mom monogramed everything from my diaper covers to my overalls when I was a child and I am still scarred.  Juuuuust kidding mom. I loved running around in oversized ruffled underwear with a BIG “M.A.S.” on my butt! I was definitely the coolest kid in the baby pool. 😉 But for now I think I am going to stick with the letter “M.” At least until I have a child of my own to embarrass.

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