Black + White Classic Combo

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OtteNY Silk blouse, Lovers + Friends Perforated Leather Track pants, Sam Edleman Adora shoes, Ray Ban Black aviators

‘Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.’ – Gianni Versace

Amen Gianni, Amen! I used to love being trendy – I had to have the latest and wear the coolest. It was some weird sickness that consumed me but luckily I overcame it a few years after high school and have been in remission since. What I learned from that time in my life: 1. it is too expensive to keep up with  2. It is unflattering to always be trendy – figure out who you are and stick to that  3. It is unrealistic to think that this was sustainable.  Let’s go back to number two, since three and four are quite obvious. In the words of Gianni, “don’t make fashion own you, but you decide.” When I was shopping weekly and spending countless dollars on items that in a few months would be obsolete, I was letting fashion own me. I was buying into what they were selling – that trends are everything. I always loved a classic piece – my mom tried to ingrain quality over quantity in my head but I was too stubborn. I loved color, pattern, high, low, whatever was cool, I liked! Now, I find myself with a few less dollars to just throw away on a trend and a little less moved by what the industry is trying to make me believe, ‘I need.’ Instead of finding a piece I love and trying to make it work with my body or around my style, I only buy pieces I know I will wear a million times over – even if they are a plain black top.

I used love finding a unique piece and would talk myself into buying by saying all the ways I would wear it. What happened in the end – I never wore it. It wasn’t practical. Now, a little older and a lot wiser (ha) I only allow myself to buy basic and well made pieces. So instead of going for that sleeveless patterned dress (when I hate sleeveless) I go for the basic, one color silk blouse that I will wear a million ways. It might sound boring to do this kind of shopping but a closet full of beautiful, basic pieces is a closet that will stand the test of time. I can’t say that I am 100% healed of buying trendy pieces, I mean, I am wearing white leather pants but the basic feel of them makes them very wearable. They have been one of my favorite pieces this spring along with my OtteNY silk blouse. Holy price per wear – unreal! My goal this summer is to fill my closet with classic pieces from places like Everlane, OtteNY, + Vince. Items I will be able to wear next month and in five years so hopefully I can save a few $$ and do more of this.

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12 thoughts on “Black + White Classic Combo

  1. I’ve been investing in classic pieces a lot more lately too…and missing in inexpensive “trend” pieces! You looked adorable and I so loved meeting you finally!

  2. Girrrrrrrllll, I feel like you knocked the nail on the head! I came to the same “revelation” recently (maybe this is what being an adult is?). I have so many trendy pieces from throughout the years that I end up donating. My new rule is can I imagine wearing this 5 years from now and if not, I might need to reconsider. 🙂

    (P.S. Thanks to you, I’m addicted to Everlane and Vince – great brands with timeless pieces!!!)

    1. You should absolutely check out Otte—they sell multiple brands online, but their Otte NY label sells amazing silk basics. I love their Ellen dress!!

  3. I’m always so drawn to “boring” but totally useful basics. I love that the leather pants are a little update on a staple and those sandals… perfect!

  4. Exactly. I completely agree. I constantly am buying things that I already have 2 other colors in, but those are the things I wear on a daily basis, so why not!? if you know what you love and what works, keep doing that! I still tend to jump on the trend bandwagon sometimes though, like with the wedge sneakers (couldn’t help myself). great post!

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